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Tomas Mach

Czech violinist and composer





Tomas Mach's musical compositions are based on classical principles and, at the same time, they show the strong influence of the many musical styles he has encountered during his career.


He represents a crossover between classical music, jazz, bluegrass and various kinds of world music.


For his compositions, he has received several awards at the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville, USA. As a teacher, he taught at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in Prague and the Bangkok Symphony Music School in Thailand.


He has played concerts in many European countries, the USA, India and, regularly, in Japan.

Tomas Mach – Solo

From Bach to Mach




This concert program outlines the history of music, from Baroque to the present time and Mach’s own compositions, combining classical music with elements of jazz, bluegrass, and world music.


Tomas Mach plays an instrument made by one of the most respected contemporary violin makers, Master Riccardo Bergonzi from Cremona, Italy.


The repertoire: J. S. Bach, Eugene Ysaye, Paul Hindemith, Astor Piazzolla, Tomas Mach and others.

Tomas Mach and

Hiroko Matsumoto

“Salut d’Amour”



This concert program pays respect to women. Every musical piece of the program is linked to women. The main motive of the whole project is the celebration of a woman in all her roles - a woman as a mother, a woman as a muse, a mistress, a little girl, a wise old granny ...


The compositions represent a broad emotional range; a love for the beloved one, an admiration and reverence, an abuse and war sacrifice, a Jewish lament over a dead mother, a dream imagination, but also an angry fury ...


The repertoire includes, among others, compositions such as: Salut d’Amour, Theme from Schindler’s List, The Girl With The Flaxen Hair, Argentinian tangos by Astor Piazzolla, solo compositions by Tomas Mach and Japanese or English songs by Hiroko Matsumoto.




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